Friday, October 30, 2009


Panic, Panic! Looked into the crib last night just before I went to bed, and EMPTY!!! All was quiet in the room, with no wee ones crying out for my help. Under the two dressers and around the mechanism of my Ultramatic Bed are completely blocked off. The above photo shows what I found under the foot of my bed, hiding behind the floor length bedspread. I couldn't leave them on the bare hardwood floor, so I did put these blankets under them before I took their picture. This would have made a better video than a static pic. Moving them back into the crib proved to be impossible. Quicker than I could pick them up, the two girls were grabbing them and jumping back onto the floor with them. Deciding that they knew best, I made them as comfortable as possible. Within a few weeks, there will be kittens running everywhere in my room. Haven't really crossed that bridge in my mind ..... will decide on a next step when it becomes unsafe to walk into the room. Also concerning is the thought that I might roll over on them in the middle of the night. It won't be long before they can scamper up the bedding, onto the bed. In my mind, this is not a permanent move, but I know the girls disagree with me. I'll let you know what the next stage/chapter is.

Individual photos are being taken and uploaded onto the Kittens Available page during the next couple of days.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 Girls & 4 Boys : Many Colours / Patterns

OPAL (L) : 4 Girls and 2 Boys
CRYSTAL (R) : 2 Girls and 2 Boys
Individual Photos of Each Kitten
Next Week
After Eyes Open
and Colour/Patterns Emerge.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


FIRST PHOTO PRESENTED: OPAL owns 6 of these. CRYSTAL has 4 (her kittens have a string bow tied around their necks). Haven't sexed them yet. Colours & Patterns are just starting to show up. Notice the dark ears vs. pink ears. Nose leather colour will be next. Daddy BEAU JADE has likely painted his markings on many. OPAL will give her girls some tortie splashes, and her boys could be flame points. CRYSTAL will have a bunch of mittens on her babies. Watch "KITTENS AVAILABLE" for updates. Their little eyes will be opening this weekend.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


First time mommy Crystal had to endure yet another of her wee ones leaving. The tiny newborn just could not hold onto life, and with both Crystal and Opal kissing and snuggling him, he slipped away to join his sibling Across the Rainbow Bridge. Even though I know in my brain that kitten mortality is a fact of life, my heart still breaks to witness a little baby die. The remaining 10 are demanding full attention from their moms. Always hungry or in need of a diaper change.
Life goes on!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, just as suspected: Crystal waited for Opal to show her how. After Opal delivered six little ones yesterday afternoon, Crystal decided to give it a go. Her first kitten was born 3 hours later, but she struggled until 6:40 AM to complete her job. Not to be outdone, she produced six wee kitties too. Unfortunately, one has lost the battle of surviving those first 8 hours, so Crystal now has five tiny little bundles of joy to nurture along. The two girls are together in one playpen, nursing whichever kitten latches on. Crystal's kiddies have string bows around their necks as a method of keeping track. Not that it seems to matter. I'll post a photo tomorrow so you can all enjoy the sight. What a miracle it was to see each queen help the other as the babies arrived. After 9 hours, Crystal was very tired and ready to give up. Opal coaxed and licked Crystal's face to encourage her to rally around. I felt humbled to have the privilege of witnessing this bonded loving connection between them. Right now everyone is sleeping peacefully: kittens facing the heat lamp at whatever degree of closeness and warmth they need. Instinct is such a marvelous mystery to behold. Till tomorrow ... Bye Bye.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Still awaiting the arrival of Crystal's litter. She is stuck like glue to my side, but no signs of impending birth. If I leave the living room, she stands at the door and cries for me to come back. Soooooooo, guess where I spent the weekend? Perhaps she and Opal have made a pact to deliver at the same time. Won't that be a challenge. Counting kittens and placentas ... sure hope the numbers match.
Will let you know when they arrive. Bye for now.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Not without warnings. Everyone told me to be good, and follow the rules as set out. Boring, Boring. I, of course, knew better. Just one little indiscretion ..... what can it hurt? Put a tiny bit (honest ... not a lot) of parmaesan cheese on my spaghetti and plain tomato sauce to add some zest to my insipid diet. Well, now I've gone & done did it!!! Awoke the sleeping panther and agonized while it ate itself up.

Herein after, I do so solemnly swear to be good to my gallbladder and pancreas and eat no fat or dairy again, until such time this insidious gland is removed. So, please my friends, do not invite me out for lunch or dinner. Restaurants frown upon serving up porridge or cheerios midday.