Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Didn't just have one "senior's moment" last night ... had FIVE. So sorry for the confusion. Those kittens are definitely Panzy's and not Tati's. What a dolt I am!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Just finished posting the individual photos of these babies on the Kittens Available page. Have a look. They are a beautiful litter of kittens, even if I do say so myself. Today was the first day they had food and a litter pan introduced into their lives. Babyhood is being left behind.
Tomorrow sees Tati's 3 youngsters going to the vet for their 11 week Spaying & Neutering. Hard to believe that within a week, they will be off to their new families.
Sapphire's Litter is due for photo updates, which I will attempt to complete by Tuesday Evening. They will be 2 Weeks 5 Days.
These few days of rain are giving me a chance to get some computer work done up. Gardening will wait until Thursday or Friday.
Chat with you all again soon. Bye for now.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Went Out Today. Watch For A Large White Envelope.
If You Have Any Questions, Please Email Me.
Have A Great Weekend Everyone.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The Pure Innocence of Kittens : Here pictured sound asleep, dreaming and twitching, so totally unaware of the World around them.

Red Ribbon Boy and Baby Shower Ribbon Girl snuggle together, whispering secrets before drifting off.

Watching them is absolutely mesmerizing: like looking into a campfire. I can sit beside their playpen, and let the time slip by. Stress just melts away. When I was at the Doctor's a week ago, my blood pressure registered the lowest it has been in years and years (124/74). When asked what I was doing to cause such a significant drop, the only answer I could come up with was "Playing with the Kittens".

Hopefully tomorrow I can get decent individual photos of Sapphire's kittens to post, as well as updates of Panzy's kids. Watch KITTENS AVAILABLE page for them.

Now, I am off to bed. Wouldn't it wonderful to be able to Sleep the Sleep of these Kittens ? ! Nighty Night.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


12 Boys to 5 Girls : Tatiana had 3 girls, with 2 being adopted and 1 staying at JFRH to join the Queens : Panzy has 1 girl for adoption : Sapphire has 1 girl for adoption. 12 Little Fellas. Different Colours, Different Patterns, Different Sizes. All adorable, fluffy balls of playful energy. What a joyful way to spend my days.

Will Update Photos By Weekend. Should see Panzy's babies colours/patterns by then. Sapphires kittens are showing patterns already. Lots of pink noses and toes. Bi's, Mitts, Points ..... All Unique & Interesting. Certainly not a boring selection.

Back to you in a few days. Bye for now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Guess she was just jealous from watching Panzy's kittens, so decided Thursday night was the night. The only sign that she was ready ... two of Panzy's kittens were now nursing off Sapphire. I mean, they were HAVING LUNCH! The milk was being served! Both Panzy and Sapphire put up quite a fuss when I banished Panzy's family to the living room. Sapphire was insistant that she have her babies right in with Panzy's bunch, but I said "Nope". The colostrum in Sapphires milk is limited and her own kittens have between 18 - 36 hours to benefit from it. No enough to share with 7 bigger bullies. All have settled into their individual playpens, and life is quiet and serene once again at JFRH.

Opal met with Beau Jade for four days. Being her first time bred, I cannot guess whether she caught or not. We'll know within a month. Crystal is now with Beau. Time will tell whether these two girls have their babies close together or not. They are such closely bonded girlfriends, I really would like that for them.

Francina is still dead in heat, but it is too early to try her again. She needs a few months to heal up from her stillbirth. Likely July or early August. Now, if I could only explain that to her!

Looking forward to some fresh air and gardening this weekend. Been stuck in the maternity ward for two days and feel the need for a big big breath of Summer air.

Till next time, .................

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday, at 3:30 PM, on their 8 week birthday, they each got 2 needles and a thorough examination by the vet. The lightest in weight was 1.9 lbs. with the heaviest coming in at 2.3 lbs. All were deemed to be in fantastic shape: eyes, ears, teeth, palate, and heart were clear, clean, white with pink gums, not a cleft in sight, and ticking like little clocks. Brave to the smallest, not a one let out any cries when picked. I am sure I winced and closed my eyes for all 8 inocculations.

Weaning commences immediately, with Tati being removed from their presence for 8 hours at a stretch. She then visits for a couple of hours to relieve her mammary glands, and reassure the little ones that all is well. This 8 hours away and 2 hours with continues for about a week. By then, Tati is quite happy to say "Have a great life kids; I am out of here!" She will go back to her private condo, and bask in the sunshine.

Tomorrow I hope to make the first educated (dumb luck?) guess what colour and pattern each of Panzy's kittens are. Some eyes are starting to open, and I see some signs that their hearing is becoming active. The next five days will make such an outstanding difference for them. Ears start to stand right up, away from their heads and they loose the "white mice" look.

Sapphire is really getting awkward and sooooooo close. She is so very anxious to have her own babies to look after, I wouldn't be surprised if she kittened a few days early (due 14th). But, as sure as I say that, she will go four days over. My girls constantly make me look foolish to all you people. As sure as I say one thing, they will purposely do the exact opposite.

Oh my God ... I sound like my Mother!!!!! On that note, I think I shall retire to my bed.

Goodnight All.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


This photo could be entered into an ad for DUCT TAPE. Another use for this wonder product. Chantilly was not happy when she returned from the vets, with a wrap encasing her torso. She tore it off within an hour. Pat and I applied 4" wide tape around her neck, figure eighting it over her shoulders and chest, and then her complete tummy length. Still fighting our best efforts, Tilly again ripped most of the bandaging off. At our wits' end, we decided to wrap her in duct tape, being very very careful not to pull it toooooo tight. She looks like a knight in shining armour. Thankfully, this seems to have foiled her best efforts to remove the bandaging. We didn't put her in an Elizabethian Collar because of the stress it causes. Now that Tilly has given up trying to rip it off, she is quietly relaxing in her hammock.

Another example that Duct Tape can fix ANYTHING!!!
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Saturday, June 6, 2009


HEAVENS TO BETSY, MYRTLE!!!!! Three times I looked at this bunch of kittens, and the answer kept coming up the same ... 6 boys and only 1 little girl. My friends John and Cathy Konecny with granddaughter Tiffany were visiting. Cathy acted as secretary and made a check mark each time I proclaimed "Boy" or "Girl". Tiffany made sure I didn't count the same kitten twice. Sooooooo, unless I was seeing poorly, the final tabulation is correct.

John suggested I shake each kitten, and if it rattled, that was my proof it was a boy. We girls vetoed that idea. Panzy took all the fuss over her babies calmly in stride. Sapphire made sure all kittens had clean bottoms when we were finished inspecting them.

Quite a team effort all the way around I would say.

Have a look at the "Kittens Available" page for their photo at 4 days of age.

Sorry the "Waiting List" did not get updated today. Ran out of time. Will move that task to the top of my "To Do's" for tomorrow.

Toodles till then.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Now, don't get alarmed. It was time for 4 girls to have their yearly inoculations. So, Pat and I Honda'd to London with 5 cages, and complaining yowling felines drowning out any conversation or radio we tried to listen to.

Pearl, P.C., Crystal and Opal got their boosters, much to their chagrin.

As soon as Crystal and Opal cycle this month, they will be introduced to Beau or Honeybear. At 15 months of age, their careers as stay at home moms shall begin.

Chantilly came home with us after a stay at the clinic. She went in to have a procedure which required her overnighting. She had a 'rogue follicle' within her abdominal cavity which caused her to come into heat, even though she was spayed last month. I swear, there is always something new to learn about in this breeding business. Who would'a thunk it?

Tomorrow is 'sexing' day for Panzy's kittens. Will be posting a photo of the brood on 'Kittens Available' page. What a wiggling pile they make when sleeping under the heat lamp. Incredible to see the daily changes.

"Waiting List" will also be updated tomorrow. Check it out if you are anxiously awaiting your turn to choose your kitten.

Now, I am off to bed. Nighty Night.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Heh Folks: Whewwwwwwwwwww .... taking me a few false starts to get the hang of this!

My sole project for today is to get some photos and descriptions on the "Kittens Available" page. If by tonight they are still not there, please have a moment of silence for my mental acuity. It is likely shattered into a million pieces, with me blubbering all over my keyboard.

Update on Panzy and her 7 sweet wee ones. All are feisty, fighting for a spot at the dinner table, and hissing if they catch a whiff of my scent. They sleep in a heap, with me frantically counting heads to make sure all are accounted for. This morning I freaked when only 6 were in sight. Quick inspection of the bedding found the missing kitten tucked neatly under the flannel sheet. Sound asleep without a worry. Panzy was cool and relaxed. Only Gramma Joan showed concern.

Now, off with camera in hand to chase down Tati's 7 week old kids. Almost impossible to get them to stand still for a split second, before they are off again to tumble over each other, or just plain drive Tati nuts. They are the whirling phantoms I plan to capture in darling, loveable photos. Then upload into this unforgiving, techie Blog labyrinth I am assured is completely user friendly and 'dummy easy' to operate.

YEAH !!! RIGHT !!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hello Friends: Today a dream of mine has come true. My gorgeous Ragdoll Cats and Kittens are being showcased in a professionally designed website. Rob Redding has worked tirelessly to organize many pages of information into this neat succinct format. Thank you Rob so very much for hanging in there with me (in spite of me???) and bringing this fantasy to fruition.

Now, I shall get busy and do my part. All updated photos and descriptions of "Kittens Available" are my responsibility. Give me a couple of days to figure out the "blog" programs, and I promise to stay on top of this task.

Have fun getting to know your way around this site. Just hover your cursor over many of the photos, and they will 'pop' up for viewing.

Please accept my invitation to be a part of building this site. I am inviting all JFRH Kitten Owners to submit photos for inclusion on the "Gallery Page". It will be fun to view the adults these "Kittens Adopted" have become.

Check back here often for my latest 'blurbs on my blog'. Also, don't forget to 'bookmark' the new Homepage. Don't want to loose track of any of you.

Bye for now.