Friday, October 30, 2009


Panic, Panic! Looked into the crib last night just before I went to bed, and EMPTY!!! All was quiet in the room, with no wee ones crying out for my help. Under the two dressers and around the mechanism of my Ultramatic Bed are completely blocked off. The above photo shows what I found under the foot of my bed, hiding behind the floor length bedspread. I couldn't leave them on the bare hardwood floor, so I did put these blankets under them before I took their picture. This would have made a better video than a static pic. Moving them back into the crib proved to be impossible. Quicker than I could pick them up, the two girls were grabbing them and jumping back onto the floor with them. Deciding that they knew best, I made them as comfortable as possible. Within a few weeks, there will be kittens running everywhere in my room. Haven't really crossed that bridge in my mind ..... will decide on a next step when it becomes unsafe to walk into the room. Also concerning is the thought that I might roll over on them in the middle of the night. It won't be long before they can scamper up the bedding, onto the bed. In my mind, this is not a permanent move, but I know the girls disagree with me. I'll let you know what the next stage/chapter is.

Individual photos are being taken and uploaded onto the Kittens Available page during the next couple of days.