Monday, November 9, 2009


Natural Daylight Streaming Through Window. Bed Made With Baby Blanket Smoothed Flat.New Curled Ribbons On Each Kitten.Faces Spit Polished and Coats Brushed. Pen and Notebook at the Ready.Battery Totally Charged. READY FREDDIE! Let's Begin. OH! OH! OH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!Instantaneous Gallbladder Attack! On Hands & Knees Saying No! No! No! Abrupt End to Picture Taking Session. JOKES ON ME! No Matter How Prepared One Is, There Is Always Something That Will Kick Those Best Laid Plans Right Into The Trash. Sorry Everyone. Will Try To Finish Opal's Kittens Photos Tomorrow. Already Have Crystal's Kittens Done. Will Try To Post Later Today When This Mutinous G.B. Gives Me A Break. My Day For Getting Even With This Useless Organ is January 4th. On That Day, It Gets Sucked Out and Fed To The Fishes. CAN'T WAIT !!!!!