Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thursday, January 7th, 2010 : At 8:00 AM, the Hardie Honda Cat Hauler is heading into Staples Animal Hospital, London, ON. with 6 girl kittens, 4 boy kittens, and 1 queen cat. 7 Spays & 4 Neuters. Queen Francina is retiring to become my Lap TV Watching, Bed Pillow Hogging pal. The 10 wee ones will be heading to their new family's home over the weekend.
Beau Jade, Honeybear, and Sapphire will accompany the above bunch, but no operations for them. Just time for their yearly booster shots.
10 Kittens + 4 Adults = 1 Heck of a Noisy Hour Ride. Pat & I won't be conversing much, but then, who feels like being chatty that freaking early in the morning anyway ?? !! Watch for us at Timmie's Drive Thru.