Saturday, May 22, 2010


Pat and Ron (a buddy) went to Michigan on their motorcycles to do some shopping - specifically from The Chrome Shop For Bikes. They were gone from 6:30 AM Thursday until around 8:00 PM. When he got home, Pat was very tired, so went off to bed. Friday AM he awakened me with the news that something was wrong with his right eye : the one he has had surgery on for a detached retina. Off we go to the Ivey Eye Institute in London to Emergency. Cancelled the Vet Appointment for the 5 Kittens. Sat all morning on a hard, plastic chair. Around 2 PM, a doctor is finally free to see Pat. Expecting to hear the news that another surgery was required, I was both very happy and extremely pissed off to find that he had a bug stuck in his eye. A BUG !!!!! So, the 5 Kittens get their first set of shots on Tuesday at 3:30 PM. Pat is going back to Michigan for another bright shiney part in about a week. Wanna bet he is wearing a full face shield then?