Wednesday, August 31, 2011


OPAL is well on the way to raising five chubby little kids.  She is an exceptionally protective mommy, so it will be a couple more days before I can 'sex' them, 'ribbon' them, and try to guess what colours/patterns they are.

SAPPHIRE is coming into the living room today to get settled into her bassinet.  She is due this Sunday.

Hopefully can get photos today of the 10 tearing around the kitchen.  Need new ribbons as they are growing big and strong.  Enjoy the challenge of getting individual shots of each kitten.  They are like a whirlwind swirling around the floor, and I have to write down who I have captured on film, and who is still needed to pose pretty.  Lots of laughs and missed shots later, I usually end up with something clearly focused enough to use.