Friday, January 4, 2013


  • Christmas is quickly approaching...and I am sure you get calls Like "I am looking for a kitten for my child for Christmas?"   What questions should you ask the potential buyer to ensure your kittens are going to the proper home? 

as we know they may not always come right out and say they are looking for a kitten for their child for how do you know this is not the case?  

any advice on how to detect when a potential buyer is looking for a kitten for their child? in order to protect our ragdoll babies from ending up in a rescue, pound or on the streets later? 

As breeders we know nothing is full proof and Ragdolls are NOT TOYS, they are NOT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, and can NOT BE GOTTEN RID OF BECAUSE THE HOLIDAY SEASONS are over? so how do we make ensure this doesn't happen to our beautiful babies? 

any advice? what types of questions should we be asking to ensure our Ragdoll babies safety and they are going to a forever loving pet home?