Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is always a bittersweet moment when I realize that another batch of kittens will be venturing forth into their new exciting lives with their new families. Yes, I know, that is why I breed Ragdolls, but it is still a little sad for me to admit that they are no longer "my" precious babies.

Crystal and Opal are presently being rebred for Winter kittens. Francina shows all signs of carrying to term her kids, fathered this time by Honeybear. I am already preparing the nursery in my bedroom, looking forward to that event.

Panzy and Sapphire are both settled back into the Queens' Quarters, enjoying the sunshine and chasing flies.

Not much else is happening. Summer heat is upon us, and everyone has switched into 'lazy' mode. Just wish the grass would quit growing so Pat could catch a break from that chore. Keep cool and talk soon. Bye for now.