Sunday, August 23, 2009


Home Saturay afternoon, and straight to bed. Will get started on emails and phonecalls today. I am so very sorry to have left you all wondering what was happening with your little kittens. By the way, Pat stepped up to the plate, and did a marvelous job of keeping all cats fed, talked to, ears scratched, and of course, litters changed. He carted Panzy's 7 to the vets for their surgeries and checked them eveyday to make sure there were no complications. All came through with flying colours ....... better than I did. After 7 days in the hospital, I came home with a phantom pain still in my tummy whenever I attempt to eat. Even sipping water sets it off. On a liquid diet, two new meds, and 'go home and take it easy'.

Over the next couple of days, I will be contacting everyone to arrange the pickup schedule.

Pat and I are attempting to co-ordinate a van trip for September 4th to transport kittens. Normally we do not deliver, but encourage people to come see the Cattery and know where their kittens grew up. With my prognosis being rather unsettled, perhaps this will ensure their getting to their new homes without it counting on me being here. Pat and a friend will deliver to Hamilton, Toronto area, and on up to Barrie that day. It is estimated that the cost for gasoline will vary from $25.00 to $45.00. I'll be contacting the people it could affect to see if arrangements can be made for a local pickup point.

Please bear with us through this burp (pun intended) in our summer plans. Hopefully, all will return to normal in a few weeks of 'gut rest'. Talk to everyone individually A.S.A.P. Bye for now.