Thursday, August 13, 2009


SMILING FACES ALL AROUND. 13 Little Ones made their first trip in an automobile to the Vet yesterday. Not to say that everything was happy go lucky at first, but they soon relaxed in the big cage in the back of my CRV. Each kitten underwent a thorough physical examination before getting their first set of shots: 2 needles in the scruff of the neck. Only a couple objected loudly, but soon forgot all about it and were purring loudly again.

Next week, August 18th, all of Panzy's kittens go in for their spay/neutering surgery.

August 27th will be Sapphire's kittens appointment for spaying/neutering.

On September 3rd, all 13 kittens will go back to the vet for their final booster shots plus rabies.

ATTENTION PANZY KITTENS OWNERS: This delay for Panzy's kittens to receive their final shots is due to the fact the Vet's Office was closed for 2 weeks, and that was when their shots were due. They had to be postponed for a week. The earliest they are ready to go home is the LATE AFTERNOON of September 3rd onwards.

ATTENTION ALL 13 KITTEN OWNERS: Please email me to schedule your pickup date & time after 4:00 PM on September 3rd. I will be available any afternoon or evening from then on. Their suitcases will be packed and they will be anxiously awaiting the beginning of their lives with you and your family.