Saturday, June 6, 2009


HEAVENS TO BETSY, MYRTLE!!!!! Three times I looked at this bunch of kittens, and the answer kept coming up the same ... 6 boys and only 1 little girl. My friends John and Cathy Konecny with granddaughter Tiffany were visiting. Cathy acted as secretary and made a check mark each time I proclaimed "Boy" or "Girl". Tiffany made sure I didn't count the same kitten twice. Sooooooo, unless I was seeing poorly, the final tabulation is correct.

John suggested I shake each kitten, and if it rattled, that was my proof it was a boy. We girls vetoed that idea. Panzy took all the fuss over her babies calmly in stride. Sapphire made sure all kittens had clean bottoms when we were finished inspecting them.

Quite a team effort all the way around I would say.

Have a look at the "Kittens Available" page for their photo at 4 days of age.

Sorry the "Waiting List" did not get updated today. Ran out of time. Will move that task to the top of my "To Do's" for tomorrow.

Toodles till then.