Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday, at 3:30 PM, on their 8 week birthday, they each got 2 needles and a thorough examination by the vet. The lightest in weight was 1.9 lbs. with the heaviest coming in at 2.3 lbs. All were deemed to be in fantastic shape: eyes, ears, teeth, palate, and heart were clear, clean, white with pink gums, not a cleft in sight, and ticking like little clocks. Brave to the smallest, not a one let out any cries when picked. I am sure I winced and closed my eyes for all 8 inocculations.

Weaning commences immediately, with Tati being removed from their presence for 8 hours at a stretch. She then visits for a couple of hours to relieve her mammary glands, and reassure the little ones that all is well. This 8 hours away and 2 hours with continues for about a week. By then, Tati is quite happy to say "Have a great life kids; I am out of here!" She will go back to her private condo, and bask in the sunshine.

Tomorrow I hope to make the first educated (dumb luck?) guess what colour and pattern each of Panzy's kittens are. Some eyes are starting to open, and I see some signs that their hearing is becoming active. The next five days will make such an outstanding difference for them. Ears start to stand right up, away from their heads and they loose the "white mice" look.

Sapphire is really getting awkward and sooooooo close. She is so very anxious to have her own babies to look after, I wouldn't be surprised if she kittened a few days early (due 14th). But, as sure as I say that, she will go four days over. My girls constantly make me look foolish to all you people. As sure as I say one thing, they will purposely do the exact opposite.

Oh my God ... I sound like my Mother!!!!! On that note, I think I shall retire to my bed.

Goodnight All.