Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hello Friends: Today a dream of mine has come true. My gorgeous Ragdoll Cats and Kittens are being showcased in a professionally designed website. Rob Redding has worked tirelessly to organize many pages of information into this neat succinct format. Thank you Rob so very much for hanging in there with me (in spite of me???) and bringing this fantasy to fruition.

Now, I shall get busy and do my part. All updated photos and descriptions of "Kittens Available" are my responsibility. Give me a couple of days to figure out the "blog" programs, and I promise to stay on top of this task.

Have fun getting to know your way around this site. Just hover your cursor over many of the photos, and they will 'pop' up for viewing.

Please accept my invitation to be a part of building this site. I am inviting all JFRH Kitten Owners to submit photos for inclusion on the "Gallery Page". It will be fun to view the adults these "Kittens Adopted" have become.

Check back here often for my latest 'blurbs on my blog'. Also, don't forget to 'bookmark' the new Homepage. Don't want to loose track of any of you.

Bye for now.