Sunday, June 7, 2009


This photo could be entered into an ad for DUCT TAPE. Another use for this wonder product. Chantilly was not happy when she returned from the vets, with a wrap encasing her torso. She tore it off within an hour. Pat and I applied 4" wide tape around her neck, figure eighting it over her shoulders and chest, and then her complete tummy length. Still fighting our best efforts, Tilly again ripped most of the bandaging off. At our wits' end, we decided to wrap her in duct tape, being very very careful not to pull it toooooo tight. She looks like a knight in shining armour. Thankfully, this seems to have foiled her best efforts to remove the bandaging. We didn't put her in an Elizabethian Collar because of the stress it causes. Now that Tilly has given up trying to rip it off, she is quietly relaxing in her hammock.

Another example that Duct Tape can fix ANYTHING!!!
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