Saturday, June 13, 2009


Guess she was just jealous from watching Panzy's kittens, so decided Thursday night was the night. The only sign that she was ready ... two of Panzy's kittens were now nursing off Sapphire. I mean, they were HAVING LUNCH! The milk was being served! Both Panzy and Sapphire put up quite a fuss when I banished Panzy's family to the living room. Sapphire was insistant that she have her babies right in with Panzy's bunch, but I said "Nope". The colostrum in Sapphires milk is limited and her own kittens have between 18 - 36 hours to benefit from it. No enough to share with 7 bigger bullies. All have settled into their individual playpens, and life is quiet and serene once again at JFRH.

Opal met with Beau Jade for four days. Being her first time bred, I cannot guess whether she caught or not. We'll know within a month. Crystal is now with Beau. Time will tell whether these two girls have their babies close together or not. They are such closely bonded girlfriends, I really would like that for them.

Francina is still dead in heat, but it is too early to try her again. She needs a few months to heal up from her stillbirth. Likely July or early August. Now, if I could only explain that to her!

Looking forward to some fresh air and gardening this weekend. Been stuck in the maternity ward for two days and feel the need for a big big breath of Summer air.

Till next time, .................