Thursday, June 4, 2009


Heh Folks: Whewwwwwwwwwww .... taking me a few false starts to get the hang of this!

My sole project for today is to get some photos and descriptions on the "Kittens Available" page. If by tonight they are still not there, please have a moment of silence for my mental acuity. It is likely shattered into a million pieces, with me blubbering all over my keyboard.

Update on Panzy and her 7 sweet wee ones. All are feisty, fighting for a spot at the dinner table, and hissing if they catch a whiff of my scent. They sleep in a heap, with me frantically counting heads to make sure all are accounted for. This morning I freaked when only 6 were in sight. Quick inspection of the bedding found the missing kitten tucked neatly under the flannel sheet. Sound asleep without a worry. Panzy was cool and relaxed. Only Gramma Joan showed concern.

Now, off with camera in hand to chase down Tati's 7 week old kids. Almost impossible to get them to stand still for a split second, before they are off again to tumble over each other, or just plain drive Tati nuts. They are the whirling phantoms I plan to capture in darling, loveable photos. Then upload into this unforgiving, techie Blog labyrinth I am assured is completely user friendly and 'dummy easy' to operate.

YEAH !!! RIGHT !!!